It's settled!! I'm going to Japan this year!! (plus some proxy service)

Yo!! I'm back!! (lmao)

Finally i can say it confidently, I AM GOING TO JAPAN AGAIN~~~~ YAS! 

After lots of suffering of Visa application and lots of worrying, i got my Multiple Entry Visa hahahahahA! I'm soo frikin excited to go because a lot of events are going to be held within my trip dates!!

First of all is ofc the Arashi Exhibition! Though i can't say for sure yet bcs of the balloting system but i'm confident enough. I'm planning to go in Osaka on early January 2020 (wml!). I'm gonna open a proxy service for the goods too (for Indonesian only)! 

Next is the Winter Comiket 97!! I was surprised when i know that Comiket is going to be held on late December! At first i don't know when Comiket is being held (i only knew one in summer). But i'm soooo excited and glad now that i planned my trip on Dec-Jan ^^Also!! There's gonna be Dear+ Winter Fair (BL magazine exhibition) in Tokyo and Osaka so i can go to both of them~~ (my fujoshi heart is flourishing)

AND THE MOST EXCITING ONE!!! Is 5x20 concert Live Viewing!!! Arashi gonna do a live viewing of their last concert on 25 December in several cinemas across Japan for the sake of those who can't go!!! How crazy is it?? They suddenly opened several social medias and going to several countries in Asia and tHIS?! IT'S SO CRAZY AND I LOVE THEM.

Phew. That's so intense.

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it's decided!! i'm going to Japan again!!

I'm back !!!

I went MIA for 2 months since last time i posted about WWG balloting. Surprise, i didn't hit. End of story. HA. To be honest, i got over it quickly. And now all i can think about is that Arashi is holding their first ever Exhibition and i think this is the chance i'll get hit!! They're gonna hold it in many cities and for a whole month (i think?) in each city so my luck won't be that bad /shrug/

So, in order to attend the Exhibition, i was thinking whether to do my Japan trip in July or in December. But then I decided not to push my luck too much and i settled with the December plan. It won't hurt to save more money since i'm gonna hog 5x20 con goods AND Exhibition goods in the same time (plus other fandom expenses lol). It's all because i found a roundtrip ticket from CGK - HND and KIX - CGK for just Rp 5 million! Not to mention in high season of winter!! I got to go just in time for Christmas and New Year celebration. Yes i know it's crazy and i just made the decision in a heartbeat. It's now or never lol! Now i can attend the last 5x20 con in Tokyo and also get a chance to visit Exhibition in Osaka! Can i have a better chance?? NOPE. 

And that's it. I'm all about planning my trip and i'm super happy. I've bought all of the airplane tickets that i need so now i have no chance to cancel it LOL. Knowing me, it's all about zero or hero. To make sure i'm Actually Going, i have to stop hesitating and Actually Doing it. Although now i'm getting a headache from planning a whole personalized-and-perfectly-budgeted-Japan tour for myself. I know it's gotta be worth it. I just can't wait for December!!!!! 

NB. Tbh i'm traveling solo this time too. Lowkey searching for travel buddy HA. Anybody that is willing to accompany me while fangirling all the time in Tokyo & Osaka, pleasepleasepleaseplease HMU!!!


i refuse to give up

Hello!!! Yes i'm fine thank you. My uni life is as stressing as usual and i'm pretty chill.

Btw, i have a new haircut! It's my first time having a short hair in my own will (?) LOL. Actually, i'm pretty satisfied with it and i think i look better now lmao. After experiencing broken heart, cutting my own hair feels like freedom (?). (i mean the balloting result, not in romantic sense lol) 

But hey!!! Arashi has proved that they won't stop only with [and more]! They gonna have Waku Waku & Exhibition too this year. So i braved myself and make a planning to attend those two events. 

I have raised enough savings (tho some things just happened to happen in the right time, a.k.a LUCK) and i am confident i can survive for 3-4 days in Japan without my parent's money (CLAPCLAPCLAP). I have booked a real cheap hostel that is super near to station and within 30-minutes reach to basically everywhere that i am interested to go. Btw i am planning for Osaka (22 Jun-17:00 & 23 Jun-11:00). Bcs the next week i'm gonna have final tests (shit), i have to make a real packed schedule and not so many flight options :(
I really really hope that i will hit it this time :') (AMENAMENAMEN). May God bless me.

Bye! (my hand hurts so i'm gonna stop here)

PS. I'm gonna open PO for Waku Waku 2019 goods (regardless from i'll hit or not :") ). I'll upload the price list as soon as the goods list revealed! Stay tuned~

what should i do next

hey guys. so i'm here to talk about the ballot result of mine.

i know this sounds anticlimatic, but i didn't hit. but well, honestly nearing the result date i didn't feel nervous at all. well, okay i admit i felt nervous at the day of the ballot result, but not the days before it. i kinda know that the dates that i chose is a long shot, i need a super mega luck to hit them. but then i heard that there are some people that has hit twice (in 2018 & 2019)! i mean, HOW??? from where did you get that kind of luck??? some people in twitter said that it was maybe some bug in the balloting system that messed up some ballots but hey! how come Johnny's didn't prevent this to happen??? didn't Jun say that Arashi want more people to come see them??? how can some people hit TWICE???? i'm speechless. 

BUT! there is actually a slim slim chance that we -who failed this ballot- to hit some tickets. there is this system called "resurrection winning". so if there is some people who didn't pay in time, those tickets will be balloted again for us. well! hope everything goes as exactly i want it to be lol. though the possibilities are 0,0000000000001%, there is still hope. 

all i can do now is doing my best to collect money for my Japan trip! this December, i WILL go back to Japan!! no matter i hit or not :)

yes, this is about the ballot result

as the title says, i'll talk about the ballot result that came out today.

in my previous post, i wrote that i balloted with one of my friend from twitter for the second leg of Arashi 5x20 Tour. today is her ballot announcement bcs her FC number is early. let's just jump into the conclusion, her ballot was unsuccessful. yes, we lost our first chance hahahaHA! at first i didn't know what to feel, bcs all of it felt so surreal and i think i wasn't quite ready to know the result. but after a few hours of scrolling through twitter and seeing how many people got hit suddenly i felt sad. the fact that my result is out in 2 weeks makes the whole thing more nerve-wrecking. i want to hit of course, but i don't know if i deserve it or not. aaahhh this whole post is going to be full of negative vibes if i continue this hahahah. let's just think that i have to hit for the sake of my friend too! she must feel more devastated and sad than me. i hope i can get tickets for us! please God, let us win it *praying so hard*.

i will start my part time job in March, but right now i'm already doing some of my work. i decided to give my boss(es) my best work so that they won't be disappointed with me. wish me luck for the ballot and for my work! ^^

i think that's all for now! bye~~~~~

it happened just like THAT!

Hey guys!!! it's me again!! after quite a long time being MIA, hahaha!

guess what, i finally got a part time job!!! aaaaaaaaaa i'm so lucky and so thankful! the chance just dropped in front of my eyes when i was scrolling through instagram stories and i found my high school teacher was looking for someone to be an executive secretary for a youth exchange organization. i never replied to someone's story that fast (ok i admit i'm exaggerating but i was quite fast!). and my teacher also gave a fast response. i just need to send CV, photo, transcript to her and whalla!--in 2 days i'm having an interview with the boss!

the day of interview is yesterday and i never had an interview that fast LOL. the boss just asked me about my commitment, salary, and nothing more. literally just that, nothing about my motivation, weaknesses/strengths, or other boring stuff. maybe lucky me bcs i practically just got in by the power of network itself. this made me realize about how important network is hahahah. i'm gonna try my best to hone my networking skill (which i'm not confident enough to brag).

and one more thing, my investing account is finally finished and ready to be used!!! i've researched some stocks that i'm interested in and gonna start buying them before the price got up again hahaha. i'm so happy finally things are getting better again. i'm going to use this opportunity to the best i can for the sake of my Japan/Arashi tour! let's do our best! *cheers*

what comes after balloting

hello konnichiwa. after a week i'm posting again~~!

today's topic is about my balloting process (before and after lol). in the last post i said that i joined the JFC already. here comes the real deal, that is the balloting for [and more] concerts ^^.

before putting the ballot, i was thinking to look for a ballot partner to level up the opportunities bcs we can only ballot for 2 tickets per ballot. and if we want to ballot for 2 tickets, we have to put in each other's fanclub information (name & FC number). i tweeted a tweet that i'm looking for a ballot partner and i found my partner soon enough. we balloted in 3 Feb (i know it's kinda late since the balloting ends at 8 Feb but who cares hahaha).

i balloted for 15, 24, 25 Dec and my friend balloted for 7, 8, 14 Dec. we tried varying our dates but still we gambled to hit the December dates hahaha. the result for my ballot will come at 13 March since my FC number is in 5-9 range, meanwhile my friend will get hers at 1 March.

now we can only hope for the best to come (><) i'm wishing all of us who ballot the bestest luck! God bless us!!

guess what!!

i'm officially in the Johnny's Fanclub! yeayyy~~~

i spent days figuring out my way hahaha and twitter really saved me. i applied through SOSJapan and i'm super satisfied with their service (until now). they're so helpful and so fast with their work. i recommend them for any international JE fans who want to join the JFC :)

tomorrow i will ballot with one of my new friend (found her from twitter too!lol). i can only pray to God to give me some more luck hahaha. 
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